Friday, March 20, 2009

Intro post, part 1 [[Andi]]

3:45pm obtain burger
3:46pm commence munching
3:50pm success!

Intro post, part 1 [[Vivian]]

Hello friends,
Welcome to the first ever Awkward Eats post. This is to serve as the first (of two) introduction posts. The next one will be with Andi as this one is Ok, that was pretty awkward.

Anyway, I am pretty obsessed with foodz and trying new things. I always have a checklist of things I want to try out whenever I'm in a new city. And then I try to accomplish it. Once I was in Rome, I had (in one day) 2 cups of gelato, 1 cannoli, 1 pizza, tortellini, tiramasu, and i thiiiiink another pastry. my stomach tried to block that from my memory as i had to pay for it. but oh man, was it worth it.

In addition to eating new food, I also really enjoy taking pictures of food for some reason. Or taking pictures with food? I don't know. Whatever, don't judge me.

Here is a small slice of what I mean:

Ok, until next time, keep yer belly happy.