Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sloopy's [Manhattan Beach]

While Andi preps her Tijuana food post, I thought I'd tide you readers over with a short review on this burger/sandwich place called Sloopy's. The name is odd, but considering you're in a beachy city like Manhattan, I suppose it's fitting.

Parking is a chore: there is metered parking but even when I went on a Tuesday (11.30-ish), it took several rounds of circling before Anam and I found a spot 2 blocks away. Don't even try to find residential parking--it's just nonexistent.

The menu is your usual (New) American fare: burgers and sandwiches, wraps, and pasta. There is a great looking breakfast menu (which is what we wanted to try originally), but breakfast ends at 11.30. I hate when people dictate when I can or can't eat breakfast. It should be ANY TIME.

The restaurant is in a half open/half closed area. Only the sides of the restaurant/kitchen is fully roofed off. The rest is only partially, letting plenty of sunshine and fresh air in. The walls are just packed with potted plants and little fountains everywhere. It does feel like you're in some natural environment: it's peaceful and just SO GREEN.

The food, taste-wise, was what you would expect. Not bad but not like I AM CRAVING THIS RIGHT NOW.

Anam ordered the Mahi Mahi burger, which came with fries. She also ordered a mint milk shake but I do know the mint comes from one of those Italian ice syrups. However, it wasn't overly sweet which is usually the problem when you use syrups. The burger came piping hot with a wedge of lemon which would enhance the flavor of the fish. Condiments are the regular burger fare: tomatoes, lettuce, onions. the bread is black poppy seeds, which is a nice twist.

I ordered the BBQ chicken wrap. Slices of chicken drenched in a sweet barbecue sauce, with lettuce, tomatoes, and sliced onions, wrapped in a spinach tortilla. I could have done without like, half of the sauce and it would be even better. It was filling, especially when served with seasoned fries cooked just the way I like it: crispy on the outside, moist on the inside. But you's nothing special.

Overall, it's a great place to just relax with friends and soak in some sun. It's really more about the ambiance and the relaxed feel of the place than the food. And you know what? Sometimes that's all I need.
3416 Highland Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-3341
(310) 545-1373

Monday, August 2, 2010

Preview: Tijuana

Get ready. And don't read these posts hungry.