Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kogi BBQ [everywhere in L.A.]

We admit, we dropped the ball here. I mean, understandable though, right? Andi sort of has an excuse, what with getting married and all (Congrats!!!)...and well, I guess my graduating and spending most of my days pondering my question mark of a future, we just forgot to update this little blog of ours.

I was supposed to write about the Kogi Korean BBQ/Taco truck a while ago (like, end of May maybe?) but totally slacked off. I am the worst.

But anyway, better late than never! I'm not going to say much about it, as a LOT has already been said about this elusive taco truck/korean bbq hybrid. For those not in the know, the Kogi truck is a roaming taco truck with a twist! Instead of the usual carne asada and whatevs, it's marinated meats (and tofu), Korean style. Um, talk about genius! The most interesting part is, since it's a taco truck, it is not in the same place every day. You can follow it on twitter (ew) or like me, look at their schedule on their website.

Their reputation is HUUGE, though, so expect a really long wait any given moment. I think I waited for an hour just to order.

Anyway, I ordered two different tacos: Korean chicken and beef. Each one is $2, which is a bit pricey. Although novel, the corn tortillas kind of overpower everything else. All I tasted was corn and spicy. I know "spicy" is not a taste, but whatever.

Beef on the left, chicken on the right.

The burrito (Korean Chicken BBQ) was $5 but really huge and surprisingly better than the tiny tacos. The chicken was well represented, and to my delight, the cheese really went well with the chicken. Although also a little spicy, it wasn't as predominant as the tacos. Next time, I'll probably get the burrito again.

They also had a bevy of other things, most notably a Korean BBQ-style quesadilla. This was also $5, and for cheese, meat, and tortilla...I didn't think it was worth the dinero.

All in all, it's a fun thing to try as a roaming taco truck that you have to track down is kind of an adventure in itself (but maybe not awkward?). However, the prices, and the sort of disappointing taste of the tacos makes this meal just OK. Of course, they change their menu all the time--maybe I just have to find my perfect dish.