Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simple lunch

I have a few posts brewing about NY eats but I just want to preface/post this entry first to tell you that I rarely go out to eat. It's expensive, I'm lazy and a homebody, and I can control my portions at home.

This is a meal that I make that is very versatile. You can exchange the beef for another protein (I also added tofu for heartier fare), you can add veggies, and you can make do without tomato sauce and eat it with rice (which I will also do).

I cooked three portions: one for lunch today, one for a meal some other time (also with pasta and sauce), and one without sauce to eat with rice.

(note: Since I just eyeball everything, the measurements are definitely not professional)

  • Olive oil, salt, savory spices (I used Trader Joe's 21 Spice Salute)--to your liking
  • Half an onion, diced or sliced--depending on your preference
  • Ground beef--however much you want. I added more than I would eat because I was making three meals!
  • Chopped tofu
  • Pasta of your choice (I used fusili)
  • Store-bought tomato sauce (I used Prego's Roasted garlic and Parmesan sauce to make it more flavorful and fragrant).
1. Heat up pan and drizzle olive oil. In the meantime, chop onions and boil water for pasta. When the pan is hot, cook the onions until they are slightly brown (sprinkle some salt and seasoning).
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2. While the onion is cooking, make little balls from the beef. Add these to the pan (Again, sprinkle some salt).
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3. Add sliced tofu to the pan, mix gently.
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4. When everything is cooked, you can either remove from heat and eat as is (with rice, optional) or keep it on the stove and add a little bit of tomato sauce to the pan. Stir until everything is coated.

For another meal!
5. Add cooked pasta and stir until your pasta is completely covered with sauce.

6. Add a side of salad or garlic bread if you choose.

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