Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hironoya [Gardena, CA]

Let's start the new year off right with an awkward thumbs up photo and proof that I am, indeed, a glutton.
Hironoya just opened up in the Tozai Plaza in Gardena, right next to Lee's Tofu. The restaurant is so new that a huge yellow banner with "GRAND OPENING" still adorns the outside. The place is unassuming--the small restaurant sign is affixed right next to the entrance--with very little decoration. The servers were all friendly and ever smiling, and the main man behind the sashimi counter (who is also the owner) both greeted and bid us adieu.

The clientele is mainly Japanese, which is always a good sign.
Since I went with two other friends, I was able to sample a lot more than I usually could. We went there for lunch, so there were four lunch options, as well as the regular menu, the sushi menu, and a sashimi menu.

We chose the Hironoya Bento Box ($14.95), which comes with an assortment of really fresh sashimi, grilled fish, shrimp and veggie tempura, a sample of simmered summer vegetables and rice. The grilled fish was nicely done--not dry and with enough flavor that it didn't overpower the actual fish. Usually I'm okay with tempura, it's not something I need or crave. The tempura here had a very light batter and it wasn't oily, so I was pretty impressed with that. The sashimi--as well as our a la carte order of the hamachi (yellowtail; $7.95)--was really great. Since it was super fresh, it had a great taste (good descriptions, Vivian).

Close up of the grilled fish.

The sashimi that came with our bento box as well as our side order of hamachi.
We also ordered the tempura udon, which came with a side of eel rice--both good ($12.95). What I like about Hironoya is that the flavors are subtle with a lot of ~depth~ and you're not always going "I wish it was more salty/less salty/more, etc" which is always a great sign. The chicken katsu was also one of the better ones I've had. It wasn't dry, like many I have encountered, and like the tempura, the batter was not heavy. In the battle ratio of batter:chicken, chicken wins!

The place is a bit pricier than normal (although lunch prices are decent), but it's worth it for well made, really fresh Japanese fare. I'm definitely going again.
1745 W Redondo Beach Blvd
Gardena, CA 90247

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! Will be checking the restaurant out tonight! I will always be a fat kid at heart!!!