Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spoon House [[Gardena]]

So I have been to Spoon House in Gardena a few times now but never thought to write about it for Awkward Eats. However, writing it now gives us (me and you, dear reader) sort of an advantage as now I've tried more than one dish, and can talk with more ~experience.~

Spoon House is a little bistro on a street corner, flanked with an open kitchen and wall to wall windows, framed a primary blue. Basically, a great open and clean area. What's so special about this place is the fusion of Italian (spaghetti) and unconventional Japanese flair. Think, cod roe spaghetti, garnished with squid and seaweed (one of their most popular dishes and if you like your pasta dish to be a bit drier, I recommend it). In addition, their spaghetti is made al dente, which is the best as I feel al dente pasta clings to sauce better.

So whether you come in for lunch or dinner, the waitress will serve you and your guests a fresh quarter loaf of French bread, made inhouse (and also sold by the loaf for only $3!):

It's tempting to just eat this and get full because it's so fluffy and flavorful. I wish I had this every day so I can eat it with some Brie or Camembert cheese...or make the best sandwiches...but alas, great pasta awaits!

A famous dish is actually the salad not only because it's a delicious treat, but because it's only $1. It was and always is $1. Topped with tomatoes and sliced cucumbers, it really hits the spot when it's hot outside (like it has been this entire week). The sauce is Japanese style--a little salty but definitely tasty.

My brother Tim got the Spaghetti Omelette, which was a cheese-based red sauce spaghetti, topped with a thinly fried egg. The spaghetti is mixed with cut bell peppers, mushroom, and chicken (although you can exchange the chicken for bacon).

While the idea of an egg on top of a pasta dish may raise a few eyebrows, it actually tasted great, almost like "Yeah, why WOULDN'T you put an egg on top of this?" If you're not looking for too much sauce, this is for you.

As for me, I ordered the Chicken, Tomato Cream sauce spaghetti, which is exactly what it is...but with the addition of a few broccoli and mushrooms. If you like cream of anything (like me), this is definitely the dish for you. Tender cuts of chicken (mostly from the thigh), sweet tomatoes, and fragrant broccoli, this dish is as hearty as you can get.

What I love about Spoon House, besides the innovative dishes, is how HUGE the servings are. I didn't even finish mine before I was already full (I rarely finish a dish here...but it may be because I eat so much bread beforehand...can't help it!). And again, the pasta made al dente really just grabs that sauce.

So if you're looking for a hearty memorable pasta dish for under $9, go to Spoon House. It's a small place so there may be a wait, but boy is it worth it.

Spoon House Bakery & Restaurant
1601 W Redondo Beach Blvd

Gardena, CA 90247
(310) 538-0376
Mon-Sun.: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM


Andi? said...

Okay, spaghetti with egg on it is just the best idea.

bee said...

omuspaghetti! i like how the place is a bakery and a spaghetti

bunerzissou said...

i've done spaghetti with egg on it before and it is, how do you guys put it, "full of win"