Tuesday, April 28, 2009

asiana airline from lax --> s. korea

This post isn't really going to be helpful to anyone, but it's still food-related and hopefully interesting? Anyway, I was on the plane from LAX to South Korea the other week and for lunch, they served Bibimbap.

For those not in the know, Bibimbap is an assortment of vegetables (as you can see up there) like mushrooms, carrots, bean sprouts, spinach and such. In addition, there is also chopped beef. It's cold. BUT, you add hot rice into the mix and it's a delicious assortment of flavors in your mouf. The one I ate on the plane also came with oil and hot chili paste.

I was really expecting really crappy blocks of meat and lukewarm rice. This was pretty much awesome forever.



Oh man that looks good. Is this a typical Korean lunch? If I skipped the beef this sounds wonderful and easy to duplicate.

Vivian said...

it is a typical korean meal (i don't think it matters whether you eat it for lunch or dinner). Anyway, you can easily substitute the meat out for tofu or something. The main thing is that there is rice and sauteed/seasoned vegetables.

don't forget the sesame oil and hot chili!