Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Taco Mesa (Costa Mesa)

Welcome to our first "official" Awkward Eats post. We know you've been waiting for an actual food post for awhile, instead of a HEY, LOOK AT US. WE ARE AWKWARD. WE LOVE FOOD. post.

OK, so I headed over to Costa Mesa for their Burrito Wednesday. Unlike their $1 tacos on Taco Tuesday (which always attracts A LOT of customers), Burrito Wednesday seemed a more casual least when I went. Drop $5 and you get a drink and one of three burritos: chicken, carne asada, and "Mesa" burrito. Since I know what both chicken and carne asada burritos taste like for the most part, I opted for the Mesa burrito, which is all vegetarian.

Now let me get something straight: I enjoy the meats. But after a few people recommended this vegetarian burrito, I knew I had to try it.

The Mesa Burrito came with rice, black beans, fresh spinach, mushrooms, guacamole, red onions, tomato, and a blend of cheeses. Then, it is drizzled with caldillo sauce. This was a burrito made for forks and knives, folks. But maybe I just have really weak upper body strength.

Surprisingly, I was really full after the burrito, which is a feat as I usually get hungry in a few hours because there is no meat in my system. I am writing this, 5 hours after I ate lunch, and I am still full. I mean, I'm still thinking of what to eat in an hour, but man. I am still stuffed.

The guacamole was really delicious and fresh. The spinich was a super nice touch in a burrito. I would never have thought of adding that, but it did add some oomph to the dish.

So what have we learned? Not all vegetarian food is: expensive, unappetizing, or makes you hungry in a few hours.

The service was quick and sitting outside on a nice spring day made it all the nicer.

To end this post, here I am in the outdoors patio, giving a thumbs up...because that is how I roll.

Taco Mesa
647 W 19th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949) 642-0629

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I'm a chef and a vegetarian. I try to never eat bland food. I have a squeamishness about animal/fish flesh. I love the richness of cheeses and vegetables. That said, I so want to eat that burrito. Mexican food is so my favorite to eat out.